Anthologies of Ullord: Mara

For a Goddess of Life and Death, Mara is surprisingly upbeat and carefree, bordering on ditzy, which is a huge part of why it is so immensely enjoyable to voice her.
This is also a recurring role, which makes me very happy because I love the character a lot.

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Anthologies of Ullord: The Eternity Bargain (YouTube)

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Anthologies of Ullord: Divine Saga 1: Cosmic Potential (YouTube)

Devotion: Prosperity and Comfort: Fiona Adley

How often do you get to voice someone who was wronged by the protagonist and is out to get revenge by way of a bitter prophecy?
Not going into details because, you know, spoilers ;)

Follow the creator on twitter, they have a lot more projects going on as well.

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Devotion: Prosperity & Comfort - Ep1 (Radio Drama)

Frontier - a SciFi Novel: Glixnarkenog

Finally, a bad guy, and an alien to boot.
I love chances to go all out with a crazy voice, and this one so far has been the craziest.

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Frontier: a Sci-fi Novel - Chapter Nineteen (YouTube)

Voice Of All - The Great Concourse: Mat'Selesnya

The parun of the Selesnyan Conclave gets called out of sequestration by three loyal dryads.
She was a ton of fun to record and I love the filter that was used on my voice in this.

This story is part of a huge project that you should definitely check out if you're a "Magic: The Gathering" fan.

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The Great Concourse - Magic Story Audio Drama (YouTube)

Fruits Basket Radio Drama: Saki Hanajima

My first ever voice-acting gig was on Jacob Chapman's excellent Fruits Basket Radio Drama.
I voiced Hana-chan for about 20 episodes from 2011 to 2013.
The episodes are no longer available on youtube and, as such, not on the project website either, but you can listen to them here:

Fruits Basket Radio Drama, all episodes and cast interviews (